Where To Buy Bird Seed Feeders


This plastic 8" bird seed feeder means you can feed the birds without being left out of pocket.

Chapelwood eight inch bird seed feeders

The seed is easy to access so you will have the pleasure of watching birds feeding in your garden.

The plastic hook allows you to hang the feeder without difficulty. more info

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Window Bird Feeder


Watch all the action with these transparent bird seed feeders.

window bird seed feeder

They are designed to contain seed and water.

The seed tray is detachable so it is easy to refill and clean. more info

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Chapelwood 16" Stainless Steel Feeder


This bird seed feeder is a step up in terms of size and quality.

chapelwood stainless steel bird seed feeders

The stainless steel frame means it can cope with more difficult weather conditions and keep the birds supplied with food throughout the winter.

It is easy to access for the birds and comes with a wire hook for hanging. more info

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Squirrel Proof Bird Seed Feeders


Keep the birds fed and prevent those cheeky squirrels from stealing their dinner.

Squirrel Proof Bird Seed Feeder

The simple design means that as the squirrels try to climb down the feeder, their weight causes a protective sheath to come down and prevent access.

The sturdy structure means the squirrels have no way of breaking in. more info

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Chapelwood Spherical Bird Seed Feeders


These eye catching spherical bird seed feeders are squirrel proof, which ensures that your garden birds get all the feed that you leave out for them.

Squirrel Proof Bird Seed Feeders

Squirrels are are industrious foragers but even the most devious of squirrels won't be able to penetrate this cleverly designed seed feeder.

This feeder is easy to use, clean and maintain and makes a nice change from your average run of the mill bird seed feeder. more info

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Chapelwood 8in Standard Bird Feeder

Chapelwood eight inch standard bird seed feeders

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A great value 8inch bird feeder by Chapelwood

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Bird Seed Feeders

1. Birds seed feeders are a great way of attracting stunning wild birds into your garden

2. Bird seed feeders also provide garden birds with much needed supplementary food


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Bird Seed Feeders

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