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Frequently Asked Questions

When do birds need to be fed seed?

Birds can be fed seed all year round. In autumn and winter a high energy seed is very beneficial to them, as this is when they require additional energy to help them through the freezing nights. In spring and summer seeds are a better source of food than peanuts or fat (which are harmful when fed to young birds).

Where should I position my bird seed feeder?

Firstly, make sure it is over 5ft off the ground, as this will prevent cats from reaching it. Secondly, it will help to position it not too far away from cover (such as climbing plants or other foliage), as this will encourage birds to approach it. Lastly, you'll probably want to locate it somewhere that allows you to view the birds from a window, so as to fully enjoy them.

Are bird seed feeders expensive?

Bird seed feeders vary in price, and it all depends on the quality and features you are after. Very basic plastic feeders start from as little as £2.50, and should carry out the basic requirement of dispensing seed to hungry birds - albeit for a limited lifespan. The more discerning bird-lover or gardener might wish to spend a bit more, as this will buy them an attractive feeder that will look great in the garden, come with lots of useful features, and also last for many years.

How do I stop squirrels accessing the seeds?

There are a number of squirrel proof bird seed feeders on the market, all purpose built to prevent squirrels from stealing seed from the birds! They tend to either feature a heavy duty cage that the pesky animals can't breach, or a clever protective sleeve that slides down to cover the seed when under the weight of a squirrel approaching the feeder from above.

What features should I look for in bird seed feeders?

The essential features you should look for in a basic bird seed feeder are a hook from which it can be hung, ports from which the birds can access seed, and also perches at which they can sit whilst feeding. For more advanced feeders, you might wish to look out for drainage facilities, squirrel proof sheaths, multiple ports and easy to open lids (for adding seed).

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Bird Seed Feeders

1. Birds seed feeders are a great way of attracting stunning wild birds into your garden

2. Bird seed feeders also provide garden birds with much needed supplementary food


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