Bird Seed Feeders

The Importance of a Bird Seed Feeder

Bird seed feeders make a fantastic addition to any garden. Not only do they help to entice a range of beautiful wild birds literally straight into your backyard, the seed they dispense can be of huge importance for the birds' health and survival.

Whether you are sitting in the garden in the summer, or watching from a window in the depths of winter, observing birds flocking to munch the seed you have put out for them is a hugely relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying pastime.

If you are a bit of a twitcher (or ornithologist, to use the official term) then it will be an opportunity to name the birds in question, as a number of varieties will be enticed to your bird seed feeders. Wild garden birds known to enjoy seeds include blue tits, coal tits, greenfinches and siskins.

Whilst we humans can draw great pleasure from watching the birds at close quarters, the birds themselves can benefit hugely from the presence of well-stocked bird seed feeders in our gardens.

Providing them with supplementary food can help them through periods of food shortage, and in the winter it is vital to ensure they receive the increased amounts of sustenance that will help them maintain their energy levels and survive the cold, frosty nights.

Many bird seeds are suitable for year-round feeding. This contrasts with peanuts and fat balls, which aren't ideal for spring or summer feeding as they can be harmful when fed to nestlings. Ensure your bird seed feeders remain stocked up with seed, particularly when weather is severe - it could be the difference between life and death for the birds in your garden.

Maintaining A Bird Seed Feeder

Bird Health and Hygiene

It is really important to look after your bird seed feeders and make sure they are clean and hygienic. If you have lots of birds flocking to your garden, the danger of infections being picked up increases; however, there are a number of things the RSPB recommends you can do to reduce the chances of this happening.

Firstly, make sure your bird seed feeder is free from droppings or mouldy food, as these are the main sources of disease in birds. Also any food that lands on the ground should be cleared up as it can attract rats, which carry diseases than can be passed on to birds.

Secondly, make sure you clean and wash your bird seed feeders on a regular basis, using a diluted disinfectant.

Finally, the RSPB recommends that feeders should be cleaned outside the house, and not brought inside at all. You should use utensils that are set aside for this purpose, wear gloves and always wash your hands when the cleaning is finished.

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Bird Seed Feeders

1. Birds seed feeders are a great way of attracting stunning wild birds into your garden

2. Bird seed feeders also provide garden birds with much needed supplementary food


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Bird Seed Feeders

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